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Built on passion from the ground up.

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Our Story

The Beginning

When we started Epik Studios it was the product of two creative individuals situated in a technical environment, looking for a change. Founded three years ago by two college students realizing that university level talent and innovation often didn't get the recognition it deserved, Epik Studios has since grown into a creative media powerhouse greater than we could've ever imagined. From documentaries in the Australian Outback, music videos in the vibrant streets of Seoul, Korea, to promotional videos for multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Epik Studios has become a full blown production house operating on an international scale. At our core, however, still lives the core mission which Epik Studios was based on: To create unique and captivating media that shines a light on talent and innovation. 


Epik Today

Today, Epik Studios works with companies, large events, and artists to produce promotional videos, documentaries, music videos, and event videography. When we founded Epik Studios, it was based on the idea that people and groups exemplifying technical or creative innovation deserved the opportunity to be seen and heard, regardless of whether they had the budget of a large corporation or a student organization. Today, Epik Studios stands for the same idea, offering special pricing for students and student organizations so that they too can afford high quality media promoting their content, brand, or talent. 


looking forward

We're always looking at going bigger and better. To us, this is just the start; our growth has been unprecedented, and there's no telling how high Epik Studios will go. We're constantly looking at expanding to new horizons in order to reach the next level. While currently based in Detroit, we've quickly learned that there's a demand for our services on an international scale. Think you can take Epik to new heights? Lets talk about it. Apply to join the Epik team.