Co-FOUNDER / Lead Director

Given a choice between giving up his camera or his passport, Ujjwal would probably spend a year trying to figure out which he thinks he could actually live without. As an engineer turned businessman turned filmmaker, Ujjwal’s spent a lot of time thinking about what he wants to be and what he wants to do, but in the end, what drives him is telling stories, whether they are his own or someone else’s. As a filmmaker, his pursuits have taken him across the world’s most extreme environments, from scorching deserts in Australia, to icy mountains in Iceland. Through Epik Studios, Ujjwal has told stories through the medium of film in different languages, styles, and formats, constantly evolving to better himself as a storyteller. In the future, he hopes to be able to create a film from every continent, and bring home many stories to tell.




Lead cinematographer

A story teller at heart, and cinematographer by trade, Griffin goes wherever filmmaking takes him. His career has taken him from the streets of Flint, Michigan as he reported on the Flint Water Crisis, to the Southern coast of Haiti in documenting humanitarian efforts in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. His documentary efforts have been showcased by film festivals across the country, and have even been recognized by the White House. He is driven in his journey of connecting cultures and people across the globe through the medium of film, hoping to change the world with the stories he tells. As his career progresses, Griffin hopes to pursue creating more documentaries, feature films, and music videos worldwide, following the story whether it leads him.




Co-FOUNDER / Cinematographer

Nick is a self-described language buff and world traveler who always has his camera in hand. Nick spent a considerable part of the last year traveling around East Asia and documenting his journey, as well as directing music videos in Seoul, South Korea for a wide range of clients. After joining Epik Studios while in college, he began to connect his role as a director with various university events in the US and Canada, like his work with Hack Western and the Michigan Solar Car Team. Moving forward, Nick aspires to continue filmmaking as his career, with the goal of changing the world with his work. 






Amar has always had a focus on innovation as a creator, possessing a broad range of skills and talent. While his repertoire of talents include photography and videography, he first found his spark for creative work in graphic design when he was a teenager, having since shown no sign of slowing down. His passion for design combined with his keen abilities in marketing and advertising afford him a unique visual style that resounds with many, a skill he plans to further develop into his career.