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After an unprecedented loss following a devastating crash at the World Solar Challenge in 2013, the Michigan Solar Car Team lost much of the recognition that it had held for years as a top-tier contender. Follow the team as they race 3000km across the Australian Outback at the 2015 World Solar Challenge for a chance to redeem their title as one of the best solar car teams in the world, and work to uphold the legacy of success their team was founded on.

COMING SOON! : "Chris Lyon - holla"

Seoul-based hip-hop artist Chris Lyon releases his first Korean-English rap single, Holla, filmed in iconic areas of the South Korean capital. With a classic hip-hop sound, the song and video echo the style of early 90's rap music, reflecting common themes of struggle and community. This music video pushes boundaries in a world that is continually becoming smaller, where linguistic and cultural barriers are being broken through artistic expression.


re-source partners promotional video

Epik Studios' most ambitious production to date, the Re-Source Partners promotional video brought entertaining and visually-engaging scenes to the hardware asset management company's landscape, working with local talents in Detroit for an exciting final product.


MHacks 8 Recap

MHacks is a 36-hour hackathon hosted by the University of Michigan that attracts hackers from all over the world to compete to build the best app, program, machine, or whatever else your imaginative mind can think of. Either way, expect lots of caffeine and dancing.

pointivo computervision technology

Pointivo is a 3D intelligence platform that uses computer vision and machine learning to automatically generate digital models for CAD and VR systems. Epik Studios produced this video in collaboration with Elevated Solutions, which was revealed at CES 2017.



An ambitious Detroit startup is trying to change the game when it comes to how you interact with your mobile data. In their latest promotional video, Lunar Labs demonstrates how their services are disrupting the mobile phone industry.


Mhacks 8 trailer

Leading up to their latest hackathon, MHacks sought to highlight the city of Detroit with its exquisite and powerful landmarks, getting participants excited not only for the event but also for Motor City itself. Epik Studios' trailer for MHacks 8 showcases the heart and soul of America's Comeback City. 

Matthew pierce : helvetica hotel 

Producer, poet, and fashion designer Matthew Pierce is one of the most colorful and aspiring talents from the Chesapeake area. In his latest collaboration with Epik Studios in the neighborhoods of Seoul, South Korea, his music, designs, and poetry interplay in a vibrant display of Eastern style.


Chai-Town A Capella : The srk Mix

Chai-Town is an all-male English-Hindi fusion A Capella group at the University of Illinois, whose smooth voices and charismatic but humorous stage performances have earned them incredible recognition across the world. In the SRK Mix, watch from the POV of a freshman on her first day of college as she is courted by the boys of Chai-Town in classic, over-the-top, Bollywood fashion, all to the tune of some of Bollywood's greatest hits.

Introducing Aurum

"Aurum" is the University of Michigan Solar Car Team's 13th vehicle. Designed and built completely by students, the team has a strong legacy of performing well in races in the US and abroad. They are currently the most awarded solar racing team in the world. To celebrate 25 years of racing, they asked Epik Studios to create an announcement video for the name of their latest vehicle, which would race in the 2015 World Solar Challenge in Australia.