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The Epik Studios Show Reel 2018

A curated collection of our finest moments throughout the years, circa 2018.

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Coming Soon.

COMING SOON! : Coinpay

Mobile cryptocurrency payments, reimagined.


Pilot digital

Pilot Digital is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency focused on an agile-marketing approach to lead generation through low cost, high iteration, marketing strategies like social media advertising, email campaigns, and SEO.


Edible is a cutting-edge startup based out of Los Angeles, CA that compiles every ingredient in every menu item at every restuarant in your area, and then allows you to filter those items based on various dietary restrictions like dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, and more.


re-source partners explainer video

The Re-Source Partners Explainer video brings entertaining and visually-engaging content for an engaging and simple explainer video for a complex and highly technical service offering from this Detroit based hardware asset management company.

pointivo computervision technology

Pointivo is a 3D intelligence platform that uses computer vision and machine learning to automatically generate digital models for CAD and VR systems. Epik Studios produced this video in collaboration with ATL based marketing agency Elevate Media for a debut at CES 2017.



After Chris Hollenbeck lost his father to a severe opiate addition at the age of 13, he, his brother, and his mother recount the devastating effect Kirk Hollenbeck’s death had on his family almost a decade later, and how they still deal with the legacy of his addiction and abuse to this day.


An ambitious Detroit startup is changing the game when it comes to how you interact with your mobile data. With their first in-depth explainer video, Lunar Labs (now Lunar Wireless) was able to raise millions in VC funding by demonstrating how their services are disrupting the cellular telecommunications industry.



After an unprecedented loss following a devastating crash at the World Solar Challenge in 2013, the Michigan Solar Car Team lost much of the recognition that it had held for years as a top-tier contender. Follow the team as they race 3000km across the Australian Outback at the 2015 World Solar Challenge for a chance to redeem their title as one of the best solar car teams in the world, and work to uphold the legacy of success their team was founded on.

slemdwg - “4 tha masses”

Blending the distinct sounds of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and Soundcloud rap, “4 Tha Masses” marks a defining visual entrance onto the hip hop scene by up and coming artist Slemdwg. With his unique, smooth flow and intricate lyricism, Slemdwg comes bursting onto the scene with this heavily stylized one-take music video conceptualized and produced by Epik Studios.


Matthew pierce - “helvetica hotel”

Producer, poet, and fashion designer Matthew Pierce is one of the most colorful and aspiring talents from the Chesapeake area. In his latest collaboration with Epik Studios in the neighborhoods of Seoul, his music, designs, and poetry interplay in a vibrant display of Eastern style.

Introducing Aurum

"Aurum" is the University of Michigan Solar Car Team's 13th vehicle. Designed and built completely by students, the team has a strong legacy of performing well in races in the US and abroad. They are currently the most awarded solar racing team in the world. To celebrate 25 years of racing, they asked Epik Studios to create an announcement video for the name of their latest vehicle, which would race in the 2015 World Solar Challenge in Australia.